To provide safe and reliable electrical and communications installations to our clients.

Our Company Charter


  • We believe in exceeding our clients expectations by delivering high-quality services on time and within budget. 
  • We foster long-lasting relationships with clients, suppliers and employees based on trust, honesty and fairness.
  • We value our team and the people working with us, we build a better and safer workplace every day. 

Our Story


Founded on 2003, EFC Contracting is composed of electricians and licensed engineers who will bring you electrical and lighting services. We make sure that every wire connected to your unit is safe and secured. We pick the best people to do the job that would definitely give the costumers good electrical service. We are ready to attend to your electrical needs.

Our priority is to give quality service with safety. Wiring’s sometimes go out of line and it is our duty to secure the costumers that the installations, repairs, and replacements never go out of hand.

EFC Contracting formally known as DAVTEC  is composed of commercial electricians, industrial electrician and electrical engineers committed to giving you only the best electrical services

We have licensed engineers that designs, controls, monitors, improves, develops, and even repairs electrical wiring and we also have trained and experienced technicians who will check, inspect, and install the wiring for you.

Get Quality Electrical Services from Fully-Trained Commercial Electricians with EFC Contracting.

We are a certified ISO 9001:2015 and registered company by QAS international.